Social media update: 18th January 2013

18 Jan

Hi all,

In this week’s social media update: Twitter makes some changes, Facebook launches ‘Graph Search’ and MySpace is back!
Find out the latest for this week – happy reading!
Discussions/ research:
Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 19.30.47
  1. How do you measure ROI in social media? Is it too early to define ROI in social? Find out more in this webinar (via Socialmediatoday)
  2.  Smart phone owners are more likely to read emails than make calls: statistics (via @econsultancy)
  3. Biggest and brightest brands on social media (via @onlinemarketing)


  1. Facebook hits 27 million in the UK! (via @brandrepublic)
  2. Ten things you need to know about Facebook Graph Search (via @huffPostUK)
  3. What does Facebook Graph Search mean for brands (via @mashable)


  1. Twitter now lets you know when you’ve gone over your character count (via @techcrunch)
  2. Top five retail brands on Twitter (via @econsultancy)
  3. Skittles are particularly good at social media – do you agree? (via @mashable)
Top tips:
  1. Five steps to social media retail success (via @thewalluk)
  2. Maximise your Facebook campaigns with five Facebook ad tips (via @socialmediaexaminer)
  3. How to drive revenue from social media (via @wallblog)
Other news:
  1. MySpace is back! Just in time for Justin Timberlake’s latest song release – Suit and Tie. Is this a very clever marketing ploy? (via @mashable)
  2. 11 year old launches a social media network. Really?! (via @dailydot)
  3. Woman posts naked photo on eBay… accidentally! (via @huffpostUK)
Cool apps:
  1. Shopmine turns Pinterest into an email subscription of shopable items (via @thenextweb)
  2. Twelephone – make calls to your Twitter followers, with Twelephone. Will this work? If so, how will this change Twitter for brands? (via @techcrunch)
  3. Snoox – helps you discover shopping recommendations from your friends (via @mashable)
This week’s quote:
Single, desperate men are among the first to exploit any new technology that will help them in their quest.” –Neil Strauss, author of “The Game,” as quoted by USA Today

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