Social media update: 9th March 2013

9 Mar

Hi all,

Another week has gone and we’ve had some new changes take place to both Google+ and Facebook! Find out more about what Topshop and River Island have been doing on social, what not to do in a social media crisis and what the future might hold with Google Glasses.

Happy reading!


  • Here’s one for International Women’s Day – top women who rock social media.
  • Great brands that are doing great things on social media. Which are you favorite?
  • Wondering how to use Vine? Here’s some top tips!
  • Topshop are one of the best fashion brands on social – but are River Island better?
  • We all know about the horse meat crisis – how would you respond?
  • Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn – what’s the best way to get more sales leads?
  • How will Facebook Graph Search affect brands?
  • Tips on how to promote your Facebook page – the right way.
  • Could it be the end of Tweetdeck?!
  • The power of Google+ sign-in. Could it be the beginning of the end for Facebook?
  • Imagine if your Facebook activity affected your chances of getting a mortgage?!
  • Think about why you’re pinning that picture/ link/ video on Pinterest.
  • Is it me, or does Instagram online look a lot like Facebook?
  • New changes to Google+ and Facebook this week!

This week’s must bookmark website

  • This one’s for you foodies – a great cooking app to help you decide what spices to use. Yum!

One to watch…

  • Dating could change drastically in the future. This is definitely a must-see video!

This week’s awesome case study

  • Want to know how to run a competition on Pinterest? Take a look at these examples. 
  • Social media #fails in 2013 so far.
  • Starbucks – how do they do social?

Quote of the week

When you are tweaking a social network, even one as big and successful as Facebook, you don’t want to scare off too many people at one time — or you could create a cascading exodus that is difficult to stop.”
— Steve Henn, reporter, writing at National Public Radio’s All Tech Considered blog

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