Social media update: 6th April 2013

6 Apr

Hi all,

This week Facebook have finally launched their new ‘Facebook phone’ – are you excited? Pinterest have also made some changes to their platform and Vine introduces trending hashtags. Find out more about these updates and much more below.

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  • Find out what hashtag has been popular this week: #habitsifindhardtobreak.
  • Would you use a reminder option if it was available for Facebook mobile offers?
  • The spring is here and its time for a good social media spring clean!
  • New changes have been made to Pinterest – click here to find out all you need to know.
  • Vine – good vs bad examples…
  • Twitter relaunched Twitter for Business – get your tips here.
  • How does Facebook threaded comments work?
  • Do you use hashtags for research?
  • A popular question – how to host a successful LinkedIn Group
  • Have you heard of Twitter cards?
  • Who is using social media? Find out in this summary
  • Facebook’s other latest changes are available here.
  • Looking for creative inspiration for Pinterest?
  • Interesting Inforgaphic investigating social media for brands.
  • Social media crisis management – what you should and should not do.
  • Pinteresting business tools!
  • Trending hashtags available on Vine
  • Would you click on ‘want to read’ or ‘watched’ on Facebook?

This week’s must bookmark website

  • Try Phoster to create a professional and beautifully designed poster and invitation

One to watch

  • What does the new Facebook phone mean?

This week’s awesome case study

  • How do H&M engage on social?

Quote of the week

Social network-obsessed employees just might be your highest performers.”
— Francesca Louise Fenzi, writing at Inc. online

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