Social media update: 17th May 2013

17 May
Hi all,
This week Google held the I/O developer conference, which talked about the latest changes to Google+, their new music subscription service and updates to Google Maps and search.  Find out more about this and an unbelievable example of how not to use Facebook to engage with your community; plus much more!
Happy reading 🙂
  • Understanding how to use Facebook Sponsored stories
  • If you’re struggling to find key influencers online – use Klout
  • All you need to know about Facebook cover photos
  • There are more guys on YouTube than girls – but more girls watch YouTube than guys – why?
  • LinkedIn bans users from promoting escort services
  • Looking for inspiration on Vine? Here are some tips to help create awesome Vines
  • Essential email marketing tips
  • How you can target people on Facebook – without being on Facebook
  • 40% of mobile search has local intent
  • Best way to encourage more sharing with video content
  • “The key to staying on top of social media is to identify the 20% of your efforts that lead to 80% of your success
  • 79% of smartphone owners are ‘smartphone shoppers’
  • How to grow your business with Facebook
  • New changes to Facebook mobile – share what you’re watching, eating etc.
  • How to network using LinkedIn
  • Twitter and Vine – use to broadcast live surgery
  • What do people love to share on social? That is the question!
  • Changes to Google Hangouts Apps
  • Understanding Google’s new social stuff – messaging, hangouts and Google+
  • How to compare your Facebook Page with competition
  • Getting the best from social media
  • Google’s new Play Music All Access – do we really need another online music service?
  • Video ads on Facebook – will this turn people off?
This week’s must bookmark website 
One to watch
This week’s awesome case study
This week’s quote
“No matter what their concern, your customers will appreciate a fast response.”
— Andy Sernovitz, writing in SmartBrief’s SmartBlog on Social Media

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